Thursday, 22 December 2011

The day has arrived and Mother Nature greeted us with a dazzling show  - the sun was out and shining through a veil of icy trees, grass and leaves. Hubbie was so captivated by the beauty that he went out and captured these images...

While I pulled-out the ingredients for tonight's feast following the bonfire at sunset - I wanted to celebrate the foods which we were able to collect and grow on our land so we are having lasagna made with fresh egg noodles (thank you to our little feathered girls) and garden tomato sauce followed by our friend lroick's recommended Apple Cake Recipe which will use our organic wild apples and more fresh eggs, thank you so much Lynn!

We shared our celebration with the little birds and woodland creatures outdoors - I made some peanut butter, seed and dried fruit 'cake's and wired-up some freshly cut fruit and we took a walk into the woods to gather greens while depositing little snack surprises along the way...

another of my wood bird cutouts ...

It will be fun to look to see if anyone takes the food gifts offered along our trail

We know a squirrel lives in this pile of logs and twigs and we can easily imagine the eyes *popping* in surprise at this little find!

The top of a pear on the top of a fence post

Of course, the hens were treated to lots of seeds (their favourite treat is the seeds I scatter in the run) and lots of veggies leftover from making dog food (the cores of cabbage, ends of carrots etc)

Winter Solstice Mittens...I will share more about these on another day. I am so pleased with my new favourite mittens - the wood buttons are Sugar Maple and made by me!

I had contemplated buying treats for the dogs but after reading the ingredients lists I put them back and made my own treats which are so good that Hubbie threatens to eat them! They are made with cheddar cheese, chic pea flour and peanut butter.  Wrapped in little bundles - one per dog.

In late summer I made some smudge sticks - we will burn this one to bless our home with wishes for the new solar year.

This Christmas card arrived today and I love it for it's beauty and it's simple message...I would like to wish you all Peace, Happiness, Kindness and Love (and good health, always) during the coming days. I will be off for a week or so, thank-you for sharing this little place of mine on the internet and for being so very kind.

Wishing you quiet moments...Pinney and Peanut 
and the whole gang here in the woods of beautiful Eastern Ontario


  1. LOVE everything! All the critters will be having a wonderful time with their out-door treats; what a great idea.

    I hope you too and your furkids have an excellent celebration tonight!

    Chicken Solstice Thursday was fun!

  2. I wish you and your DH many blessings and much love in the coming year.
    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing life and your beautiful home with me and all the others who read your blog. I wish all good things for your pets and feel very blessed that I "know" some puppers and some chickens in Ontario and the good folks who live with them!

  3. Wishing you, your hubby and fur kids a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. Thank you so much for your blog, it's my daily re-treat. :)

  4. Exquisite pictures xxx How lovely it all looks xx

  5. Hope you had a blessed solstice, and a merry Christmas!
    I hope the new year will bring supportive energies which only help each and everyone of us all grow as the lovely beings we are.

  6. Happy New Year! Hope the socks are done :)

  7. Happy new year lroick and Miss Happy Gal! Indeed, may 2012 bring us all you wished for us, I could not have put it better...