Friday, 22 August 2014

Our Land....

Our Land

These images are the reason we love to live in the country. The beauty and natural world feeds the soul, the silence is broken  by birdsong and the occasional deer and wild turkey. Wild flowers and plants are amazingly abundant, believe me, I've tried to identify them and it's a long list.  Firewood? obviously, not a problem. The amazing thing about this land is it's variety - a hardwood forest near the house followed by an open pasture then you travel the cedar forest to an opening into a secret pasture so silent and private you feel you are alone in the world. The pasture leads to an old pig building and farmhouse and an orchard of wild apple trees. Finally you find the river at the very very end. It's an exhilarating hike and fantastic winter wonderland to snowshoe or cross-country ski.

Enjoy these images of beautiful Eastern Ontario....

Going apple picking in the Fall

The old farmhouse at the very back of the property, just beyond the house are a bunch more apple trees then the river

Wood salvaged from the old farmhouse to make pretty things

Two front bee hives in winter

This trail leads to the forest trail which leads to the very back of the property. This is a huge open field surrounded by trees.

The beginning of the corduroy road, later we added soil over the logs and grass has begun to grow on top 

Happy little piles of firewood are everywhere

The house through the trees

Apple picking begins early Fall!

We have crossed the forest and are in the last section of our land, absolutely breath-taking, entirely surrounded by trees, so peaceful with warm sun and a gentle breeze. The apple trees live here...

Our favourite trail along the red pine tree line, to the left are the apple trees. This trail leads to the old farmhouse and river

Our favourite spot on our land. We had plans to add a bench so we could bring picnics and just enjoy the peace..

The Wild Turkeys love these grapes in winter

This is the very end of the forest opening into the last section of the land

Rhubarb plants at the old farmhouse!

The River is just beyond this tree line, climb the cow fence and walk right up to it.
Photos taken Spring 2013