Saturday, 19 November 2011

The warm weather is gone and that's all right with me...

This week, the incredible mild weather turned and we are back to normal temperatures. While I enjoyed every second of this mild November, I am also enjoying every second of the cold.  There is something in me which clicks-on when the temperatures go down that I cannot explain - I find myself pulled by a moment of irresistible outdoor perfection and more often than not this happens first thing in the morning or at my absolute favourite time of the day - when the sun begins it's slow descent into the horizon. 

When we were RVing and would finally hit cold weather in Virginia or were travelling through Pennsylvania or Maine. Once that RV was parked, plugged-in and the routine of settling into a new campsite was complete -  I had to put on the tea kettle,  get into my cold weather comfies, find a book or a knitting project and park myself on the stairs of the RV. There were just two little stairs which saw a lot of sitting action from me on cold days - I loved to sit on them in the morning with my teacup sitting on a mechanical piece of one of our slides -the section of the RV that slides-out when the RV is parked and gives so much more room inside the place. I'd watch other people in the RV campgrounds or I'd knit, read a book or just watch. Most of the RV campgrounds were really nice ( I assure you that some were most definitely NOT) and were surrounded by woods and trails. When we RV'd in Maine, one place had a view of the ocean, another had a buoy on the ocean whose bell rang day and night - it was pure magic. 

Favourite moments....tea, a book, the cold, my Creative Journal and some hens!

Right around the time when the sun will begin to go down and I had to drop everything and head outside for a tea , my journal and a book as backup - and hens watching me. 

The Girls saw snow for the first time this week! 

Poor little girls, they huddled under the roof extension wondering what in the world was happening out there.The snow melted within 15 minutes but it was quite spectacular - huge flakes!

And finally, without cold weather, how could I indulge in the bliss of a rocking chair by the firelight surrounded by dogs with knitting needles clicking away?

There's a pizza baking in the pizza oven!

I am not saying I love the frigid temperatures of January and February.  I agree with Hubbie who would prefer for the snow to arrive in late December and it would be all right with us if it left by February but I have a much easier time with the extreme cold than the extreme heat.

Right now, this weather is just fine for me, in fact, it's perfect.

Perfect for outdoor bonfires
Perfect for Soup & Sandwich suppers
Perfect for crisp, silent walks on our land
Perfect for wearing all the hand knit goodness I so love to make.

Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend, see you Monday for the Give-away announcement!


  1. I have to admit you make it sound appealing. And I think I would probably love it more if I lived in your surroundings. And have that lovely wood stove with a pizza in it :). I think your cold days are a lot brighter than ours. If we have blue skies and sun than at least it's cheerful. What I hate is the dark, grey damp days we get that just gets the cold seeping through to my bones. Wow then hens must have wondered what the heck was falling out of the sky! xx

  2. Everything looks so serene...perfect time indeed! :)

  3. Lizzy, we have a lot of those damp, bone-chilling days and I do NOT enjoy them! They strike on wet Fall days (this Fall has been very dry) and in Spring too. That's when I get so chilled I need to take a hot bath - nothing else gets my body temp back up to comfort level. The Hens will not see snow falling like that again! Wait until Wednesday to see what I mean :-)