Sunday, 28 August 2011

Weekend Snapshots :: Moments to remember

Unplanned moment to remember...
I love the simple things in life...the surprise moments that come unplanned.

Unplanned...that is the key, I have come to realize that I cannot plan these moments, they just happen and so I have to be mindful to catch them and cherish them - it's the reason they are so very special. I have a lot of these 'memory snapshots' etched in my memory and they come back to me at unexpected times, triggered by a comment or an object, a photo...

I cherish these days at home with Hubbie, the dogs, our Pullets, the honeybees and all the wonderful wildlife that share our home and land and though these everyday scenes may seem mundane to anyone else, to me...they are my happy places.

Our first ever garden-grown cabbage and broccoli
Garden tomato sandwiches - yum! Mayo, salt, pepper and a whisper of organic sugar. All on homemade wholewheat ciabatta bread: a tad burnt on the crust, oops.

Our very first raspberry harvest - once this bag is full I'm going to make Raspberry Pie from the Green Door Restaurant cookbook!

It's just a little cooler out now, time to enjoy my handmade house slippers before I have to pull-out the no-nonsense - cold season, Phentex slippers.

I love hanging clothes on the line and with the view at this clothesline, can you blame me?  

The Mystery squash are decorative Gourds. We've always wanted to grow such gourds so we're celebrating them with a very Tracy Porter style table display

The Mystery Squash...when I succeeded in cutting one open (an ax would have been a better tool than my kitchen knife) I realized that these are the decorative gourds we all love to display in our fall decor. So, after some grumbling over their not being the butternut squash we were expecting - I've celebrated their beauty.

And guess what? If you've been reading this blog you know that last year our compost produced a magnificent bunch of Butternut squash and's doing it again! So we'll have gourds AND squash.

working on the tractor and see the butternut squash vine growing out of the compost at bottom

Hubbie came in after a long day of re-installing a radiator on the tractor then cutting the grass and asked if I wanted my fire pit for tonight - it was already 6pm and I was making pizza and my heart told me this was one of those special moments to grab onto even if I was a bit pooped. Yes! Let's do it.

Genius! $30 dollar fire pit
And just like that I knew it was meant to happen because the Pullets never come out of the coop after 7pm. I've even brought them their favourite chopped egg at that time with no reaction - they were already on their roosts and I was too late. Tonight they all came out to watch Hubbie build the fire pit - it was so cute. The pizza was ready and we were ready to enjoy the cool night with our first campfire of the season. Pizza, tea and cookies...doggies and a blanket on my lap...what more could I want? Perfect.

I think Hubbie is a genius, love our fire pit! 

I'm so glad I was able to capture this perfect evening...right, Jack? 


  1. Looks so heavenly to me Lynn - the pullets looked like they were enjoying the warmth of the fire and your pizza looked super delish xx

  2. Love that fire pit. Looks like y'all had a great evening, and the fire made it so cozy. :)

  3. Reply from Pinney:
    Hello Anne and Lizzy - thanks for visiting! It occurs to me that it would have been very interesting to see the Pullets walking around the yard - we've never let them out for fear of losing them (we are extremely cautious) and of course - all dogs would be IN THE HOUSE. I doubt we'll ever try it! Also, it does appear that all we eat is Pizza! We don't but it's what I'm good at, heh heh...Thank goodness we had that fire when we did - Irene gave us quite the rain storm on Sunday - even motivated me to finally get us some proper rain gear.